The Senators Have Left The Room

The Cubs didn’t have a bad night, it’s just that the Nationals had a better one.

Funny thing, I really did begin this entry with a referral to Washington’s team as, the Senators. It has been a long time since there were any Senators in Washington, and I do mean that, now that I think about it, in more ways than one.

Now that we’re on the subject, Washington has lost two ‘Senator’ franchises in MLB history. One now operates as the Texas Rangers, the other as the Minnesota Twins. Since I went ahead, and did some searching on the net, I found out another piece of trivia about the Washington franchise. They were first named, the Nationals. Okay, enough of that, and back to the subject at hand.

Starting pitcher, Chris Rusin was taken out sfter 5+ innings of last night’s game, yielding 2 ERs but, with an accompaniment of 10 Hs. He obviously, managed to move in, and out of damage control with that many hits.

Rusin has had better days, and has been better during his second call up to Wrigley than, his first call up, earlier this season.

The bullpen let 2 more runs get by, and that was enough for a 4-2 Nationals victory. On the hitting side for the Cubs, Bogusevic, and Murphy each chipped in with HRs.

I’m watching Murphy as a possible power replacement for Soriano.

I’m still amazed at the energy, and speed exhibited by, Lake every time he steps foot on any field to play baseball. Lake may really be the spark plug I have often mentioned.

As the club is continually re-shapen, I cannot help but, think that, just maybe, I’ll have some words to eat regarding Theo Epstein. I will be most happy to do that at the very moment I am watching the results of his commitment. The contender he mentioned for 2014.

Numbers, and commentary from yesterday’s Cubs-Nationals contest on the Cubs Home Page.


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