The Nationals Pass Time

The Washington club passed the time at Wrigley last night, and scored plenty of runs during that time.

This is one of those many times when you look at the stats, and you once again think or, say, ‘it wasn’t such a bad night for the Cubs, it’s just that the other team did so much better.’

Goes to prove you need to do better than okay to win. You have to get past the mediocrity level of doing well. It’s not good enough. Not at the MLB level.

Fresh off the trading table, from the Cubs to the Nationals,
Scott Hairston sent the go-ahead round the bases quad pack out of Wrigley Field, and the Nationals never looked back.

Arietta opened up on the mound for the Cubs, and went through 4 giving up 6 ERs.

It’s not that the Cubs did badly from the bench because, they didn’t. This game was thrown out the window by, pitching. Nobody from the Cubs except, Samardzija, has been an all star from the mound, lately. Seems like they’ve been slipping a notch.

The Cubs need some consistency, and it seems they can’t grab on to a consistent groove.

Rizzo planted 2 round trippers last night but, there was no groove from the pitching side. Details on the 11-6 Nationals win on the
MLB Cubs Home Page.


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