It’s Really Never Over Til It’s Over. Then It Is Over.

Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, down by 3. The Nationals were on their way to another victory over the Cubs, 4-1. And the thought crosses my mind, it’s just about over.

I mean the Cubs RISP stat is poor, and there were 2 outs. I’m a Cubs fan but, I also recognize the possibilities based on statistics. With 2 outs, and runners on, the Cubs are not the greatest team around. Time to wrap up, and go home……probably.

Donnie Murphy will somehow strike the final out, and we’re done. Bad Cubs fan! That’s what I am.

Murphy’s got the odds against him, with a 4-1 deficit, and one crack of the bat, sends a pitch out for the round tripper, scoring 2 before him as Murphy takes the celebratory run around the bases to tie the game at 4. It can be done! 4-4!

The game went to extra columns, and then it was over in the 13th. The Nationals unappreciative of the Cubs throwing it in to over time, scored 1 in the 13th with no answer from the Cubs, and closed the door.
5-4 Nationals.

Here’s the wrap from the Cubs Home Page.


What do you think?

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