Cubs Notes From San Diego

I must admit to being somewhat frustrated but, what Cubs fan isn’t? 6 Rs in the 1st, and it doesn’t hold up on Friday night in San Diego. 8-6 Padres. Got to put it behind, and move forward.

Saturday comes along, and the Cubs tie the series with a 3-2 win. I’m a little less frustrated. Looks like Barney had a good night with 3 hits for 4.

I am amazed at Sunday’s game but, shouldn’t be.  The Cubs go the extras, again but, come out on the losing side of a 3-2, 15 inning contest.

So, I soften up a little bit, and try to retain a good attitude about the Front Office but, I can see the Cubs pitching staff as a single entity is suffering. 

The starters are not as brilliant as they were at the beginning of the year.  The bullpen had a slight upsurge, and then, proving they can’t hold on.  Sunday’s game is a good example, and you can get the details from the Cubs Home Page.

In the 13th, the Cubs went in to the bottom of the inning leading 2-0.  Padres were down to their last out, the last strike, and before the frame concludes, it’s 2-2. 

The pitching staff has been shredded with trades, and there is no consistency in the pen, at all.

Dodger Blue meets Cubbie Blue in L.A. on Monday.


What do you think?

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