Cubs Earned Run Giveaway

I didn’t watch the meeting of the Blues, yesterday but, looking over stats, it appears that while Cubs bats were asleep much of the game, the Cubs are giving out earned runs as if they grew on trees. ERAs on the staff are moving up.

The Cubs handed the Dodgers 6 ERs on 9 Hs, yesterday with the Cubs suffering a 6-2 loss. Read more about yesterday’s game on the
Cubs MLB Home Page.

There is a consistent groove out there but, the Cubs haven’t found it. They need to find it. There is raw talent here. They need several things to make this work.

With some development, the kids playing today could make a great team.

The Front Office needs to stop focusing on trades, and focus on who they do have for further development. That means some major development for the MLB Cubs squad for 2014. Got to bring them past their more recent play at AAA level. Mental errors.

One of the problems for the Cubs is, having a majority of young players left without a mentor like Soriano or, DeJesus. They need one of their own who’s been there, done that, done it well, and well respected.

So much trading going on, and Dale Sveum has had to platoon through the year.

The Cubs need some level of consistency.


What do you think?

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