Only One Lefty Left

All-star LH starting pitcher, Clayton Kershaw threw a good game for the Dodgers, and for the 1st time in a little while I get to say, it wasn’t enough for a team other than the Cubs.

The other all-star LH was pitching for the Cubs, and Travis Wood was just this much better than his counter part from the other team, as the Cubs get a 3-2 win in Los Angeles.

The box score indicates a close contest with the Cubs ahead 3-1 after 7.

Wood relinquished just 1 unearned run through 7 on 5 hits. Wood allowed 2 walks,

Kershaw, on the other left hand side of the story made it through 5+. His numbers include 2 runs, one unearned on 7 hits. 3 walks but, 9 strike-outs to Wood’s 6.

It was once again, the bullpen that made this a little bit scary in the 8th as Strop gave up an earned run on 2 hits. Kevin Gregg closed the Dodgers out though, he would give up a walk before the night was over.

More details on last night’s game from the MLB Cubs Home Page.

What do you think?

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