Ho Hum Yawn Yawn

Edwin Jackson fits in well with the inconsistency of the Cubs. One game, the starting Cubs pitcher looks pretty good, getting some location, and another he’s back to the heater pitching average stat (at best) pitcher who’s throwing heat in to places he never thought he would throw.

This is possibly Theo Epstein’s biggest error when, you consider a multi-year $54 million contract.

Jackson looked average at best on Wednesday as the Dodgers mapped out a 4-0 victory over the Cubs. Jackson didn’t have bad numbers, just average (giving the benefit of doubt) with 2 ER, and 2 unearned runs through 6+ innings. Jackson struck out 5, allowing 6 hits of which 2, were home runs. He was credited with the only Cubs error.

Cubs bats were quiet with Wellington Castillo going 2 for 3. The entire summary, and stats are on the Cubs MLB Home Page.

The Philadelphia Phillies drop in to Wrigley for a 3 game set over the weekend, led by, Philadelphia’s interim Manager, Ryne Sandberg.


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