Marlins Abate The Cubs

The bait was on the hook on Labor Day with Travis Wood starting for the Cubs. The fish were biting, snapping the lines of expectation, and scored 1 in the 1st inning of play. No problem, it was Travis Wood, and after all, he is a good pitcher.

The Cubs had a 3-1 lead after just 1 inning. I waited with bated breath, knowing it was early.

Top of the 2nd with a Cubs 2 run lead evaporating right then, and, there punctuated by, the opposing pitcher, Henderson Alvarez, game winning 3 run HR.

So, not to belabor the point but, really, there was no back-up from anywhere from that point forward. That would be the ball game.

Wood, once again would have to suffer another loss in this Labor Day contest. Details of this game from the Cubs Home Page.

Edwin Jackson would have starter status on Tuesday.

Jackson has been a roller coaster ride for the starting rotation much like Carlos Marmol was for the finishing squad. They both could do quality work but, just as apt to do less than quality work to put it mildly.

When Jackson depends only on the heat he, like Marmol lose their place, and cannot seem to find home plate.

Relying on mostly heat, Tuesday, Jackson performed average at best, yielding 7 hits, and 3 earned runs in 5 innings of work. Parker came in to the extravagant bullpen mix at one point, yielding another 3 earned runs on 4 hits to show for just an inning of relief.

The story from the Official MLB Cubs Home Page


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