Brews Bruise Cubs

The Cubs fell further to the cellar floor in the NL Central, and the Brewers showed no mercy while the Cubs were on the losing side of a 3-1 ball game on Sunday.

Scott Baker made a comeback from TJ surgery, and showed what rehab is all about when, you work hard, and do it right. He allowed just 2 hits within 5 innings but, to no avail as Milwaukee hit on the Cubs Bullpen.

The Relievers allowed 6 hits, and the 3 earned runs for the Brewers to bring it to the win column.

On the hitting side, Junior Lake went 2 for 3, including another quad-pack, maintaining a .300 BA in his MLB premiere season. Valbuena got the only other Cubs hit.

More of Sunday’s game on the Official Cubs Home Page.

Cubs starting pitcher Jake Arietta was shaky on Saturday at Wrigley Field, and the outcome was another Cubs loss to the Brewers, 5-3.

Details & Stats from Saturday.

Friday’s contest was a whole other ball game with the Cubs beating the Brewers 8-5.

Junior Lake got his 1st of probably quite a few quad packs to come with traffic at a maximum on the corners.

The Official Cubs MLB Home Page reports on the game from Friday.


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