Reds Sweep Blue But Blue Wins Two Of Three

Reds sweep blue but, that all happened before the Cubs arrived in Cincinnati for their recent 3 game series. Cincy won 3 from blue. Dodger Blue.

More blue in to the GAP, that is to say, Great American Park, in Cincinnati.  This time it was Cubs Blue.

The Dodgers who have had quite a run from nowhere to the top of their game, lost 3 to the Reds. Now it was predicted based on stats, and history there would be a Red routing over blue in Cincinnati

As you know by, now the predicted routing never came as the Reds lost 2 out of 3 to Cubbie Blue!

Forward to Pittsburgh as time winds down, and the Cubs will have to sit out for any post season play.

For the fun of it, the Cubs can just spoil something, somewhere for somebody else with a race to the finish. The Cubs get one more shot at Milwaukee for rights to the cellar floor in the NL Central.

Milwaukee beat St. Louis, yesterday, playing their own brand of spoiler baseball. The Cubs lost 3-1 at Pittsburgh as the Cubs played their unique brand of spoiler baseball.

Yesterday’s Cubs Pirates contest is highlighted on the Cubs Home Page.


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