Who? Where Am I?

No, I wasn’t chosen for the Dr. Who story line where, intellect was being intercepted via wi-fi for future study, and distribution. Those selected for the intellect transfer had no idea where they were.

I wonder if, however the writers of this British program might consider a trip to Wrigley Field in a future story line. The Doctor simply gets out of his flying telephone booth to pronounce the Cubs world series winners.

You see, the Doctor is an alien, and Theo knows the Doctor. Theo is perplexed in the present so, the Doctor jumps in to his time machine, makes a few calls, and they fix the Cubs.

I have been depressed by, watching some real talent performing sub-standard. This Cubs bundle of talent cannot find any kind of a winning groove while looking up from the cellar floor in the NL Central.  Again.

Looking back on 2013, Theo Epstein has made trade errors lacking good judgement. He gives away too much, and gets too little back. 2013 was the second season that Epstein has made vicious moves to pull the team apart. That strategy doesn’t seem to work. At least twice!

Imagine Scott Feldman, and Matt Garza remaining as members of this organization. Alfonso Soriano could be spending 2013 with the Cubs, and could have served several purposes with the Cubs. In any case, the Soriano trade brought nothing of substance back to the Cubs.

How do you get in a winning groove without consistency from the top? The Cubs don’t have a starting 8. The itch by Epstein to trade, no matter what, supersedes all. Who’s got time to settle in with any confidence?

Dale Sveum has made some mistakes but, some of those mistakes can be directly attributed to Epstein’s itch that can never be scratched sufficiently. The Cubs need a starting 8!

The 2014 outfield should include, Sweeney, Bogusevic, and Lake. Day in, day out. Schierholtz becomes senior bench master. Now the dilemma is at 3B. Valbuena, Murphy?????? If, Epstein would get his money’s worth, one might just have to go on the block.

The biggest error that stands out is, securing Edwin Jackson. Four years at $54m??? Look at the numbers. They don’t add up. This is a contractual mess!

To Epstein’s credit he, did recognize Carlos Marmol’s inconsistencies, and sent him to market. The Dodgers responded, and Marmol was gone. However, do you see anything wrong with the equation? Marmol is going to post season play, and the Cubs are not…..again. 

Schierholtz was a good acquisition but, seemed to revert to some historical personal average stats by, season’s end in 2013.

Kevin Gregg is that 95% closer who, is capable of losing composure. If Epstein was so worried about Soriano’s age, just wondered if he checked Gregg’s ID?  Here is where the Cubs might want to platoon but, only between two pitchers.

Arrieta doesn’t cut it, and Strop seems to be on, and off. Villanueva looked incredible at the beginning of this 2013 campaign but, sort of fizzled, and finally thrown in to the bullpen.

Scott Baker looks good, so far. 

I think contrary to what Jeff Samardzija thinks he thinks, his heart is not 100% in line with his talent. It’s kind of tough when, your personal stats don’t look like they should look, and all because the team’s management fails miserably to field a winning club.  Under other circumstances, Samardzija, and Travis Wood could be the all stars of this pitching rotation.  It takes consistency, and Epstein can’t sit still long enough to provide that, beginning from the top.

Time’s up.  Theo Epstein either puts a contender on the field for 2014 or, gets walking papers.  No more ‘Committed’ campaigns.  There’s either a winning team or, a new President of Baseball Operations. 

I did say, go ahead, and throw me out at 1st if, you disagree.  Without drastic changes, you may attempt to throw me out but, chances are good, I’ve scored another run. 

The Chicago Cubs Theo Epstein legacy to this point; So far, no good!  Speaking of course, from the cellar floor.


What do you think?

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