Another 4 At 54 Candidate

Another calculated move on the baseball checkerboard as Theo & Company once again give Cubs fans something. Well, something for the 60 day DL.

They claimed Mat Gamel on waivers from Milwaukee. Gamel hit .310 in 2011 with AAA Nashville. That would be the last time Gamel got in a full season of work due to injuries sustained after that time.

So, you ask, …before, and after that? 2008-2012 Gamel played a total of 106 games due to injuries. He’s played a couple of infield spots, and LF for the Brewers.

Gamel’s over all .229 BA over the 2008-12 seasons fits in to the field of Theo Epstein engineering,  but, never mind those stats when, we can look back to 2011, and see the maybes, the possibilities, the perhapses.

Theo is giving Cubs fans a cutting edge, almost MLB team in Chicago. He does that each season. Puts a team together, gets it wrong, rips it apart, and a do-over free pass from Tom Ricketts every year.

Let’s get the Gamel contract in order, Theo Epstein style. How about, 4 years at $54m?

Got to fill the seats at Wrigley.

I can honestly picture Theo at a checkerboard saying, ‘king me!’ He honestly believes he, is putting together something of supreme royalty in the world of Major League baseball when, in fact he just isn’t.


What do you think?

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