Off Season Theo Rant

There is a lot of talent in the Cubs organization but, not enough at the higher levels to expect a 2014 finish much different than 2013, 12 & 11 for the MLB parent.

At the beginning of the 2012 season, Theo Epstein said, not to expect a contender until 2014. He has added several addendum since, and now our patience as Cubs fans should remain in tact to 2016.

Some minor league players in the organization have been brought through, too quickly. Many, without naming names, could have used a final full year in AAA to solidify their Major League playing status. You’ll note the dismal finish this past season.

The current announcement of not utilizing Free Agency during the off season is okay with me. It won’t matter. Theo Epstein seems to only want very average stat players, at best. Send someone out with a 3.00 ERA, grab someone with 4.00 or more. Send a .285 hitter out, get one at .225.

While I have certainly embellished on generalities, it seems like the Theo way of doing things.



What do you think?

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