Bench Theo

Former San Diego Bench Coach Rick Renteria is the best Theo could find to manage the Cubs.

As Theo introduced Renteria it sounded like a duplicate of the Dale Sveum introduction.

Here we go again, 50+ roster players through the season without a consistent, strong starting 8.

Heck, if you’re not going to play the FA game, and pick someone up with a little ‘star’ power, why not, at the minimum a manager with some notoriety, and star power?

Tired of almost major league baseball at Wrigley Field, season after season. Tired of fruit being picked off the tree before it can ripen. That’s all in Epstein’s courtyard not, in the manager’s realm.

Tom Ricketts is not pushing for major league level of play, and proving it season after season with free passes, and do-overs for Theo Epstein. Ricketts babies Theo along while the turnover in the dugout is atrocious, and a major contributing factor to the Cubs performance the past several seasons.

Quit picking the fruit too soon, play some FA cards, do a little trading for some major league baseball players. The entire Cubs FO is doing a disservice to players, and fans. They say, they’re committed but, to what exactly remains an unknown.

If Renteria is a good Bench Coach maybe, he’s good enough to bench Theo Epstein.


What do you think?

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