Theo Asks Fans To Exercise A Lifetime Virtue For A Lifetime

More Average at best Stats for another season of ‘almost major league baseball’ in Chicago at Wrigley Field for 2014. 

Patience must continue to be exercised for perhaps a lifetime, perhaps two if you’re a Cubs fan.

Relief Pitcher Wesley Wright non-tendered by Tampa Bay, and picked up by the Cubs. Wright has a track record with Houston, and Tampa Bay in 2013. He had 4 opportunities for a save, an 0-4 w-l record, and 0 saves. His ERA was 3.69 with 53+ IP.

Behind the plate, one of the more exciting power hitters for the Cubs will not maintain his back-up position to Catcher, Wellington Castillo. Dioner Navarro is out.

As one fan commented on an MLB blog, ‘Navarro is out of shape, anyway.’ True but then again so was Babe Ruth.

Admittedly, a little conditioning wouldn’t hurt Navarro but, he has been better than adequate behind the plate, and scares the ball with the bat.

Not to worry as Theo secures, George Kottaras from Kansas City to back up Castillo. He had a .180 BA with KC, and 5 HRs.

Your Cubs FO asks for your patience in the eventuality of a contender…….when Theo gets around to it.

He would however, appreciate your patronage at Wrigley in 2014 with some of the highest ticket prices for ‘almost major league baseball’ in existence.

If you’re working on restoring Wrigley Field, you must tend to a strong foundation but, without the existing structure buckling, and falling.

Theo Epstein has demonstrated he is assuredly not a baseball magician. Just extremely average at his job working on the foundation while the existing structure continues to crumble to nothing around him.

Now you ask me, what if they happen to win in 2014? At one time I would have been ready for apologies, and a mass chewing of my words but, this is mere chance. If that were to happen, Theo Epstein would have nothing to do with it.


What do you think?

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