Cubs Keep Record Crowd On Cactus Needles and Pins

My hands are having a rough time supporting the Cubs.  I mean, how many nails can you bite to support this team?

No real details here but, you’ll find them on the Official Cubs web site.

You didn’t think that would be it, did you?  In typical fashion, no lead is safe for the Cubs until the last out of a game is recorded.  This may be a figure of speech for any other  team but, the Cubs make it a reality.  They are habitual. 

If nothing else, there will be these ‘I can’t believe it’ games this season just as yesterday when the Cubs aced out a 10-8 Cactus League victory over Milwaukee.  9 runs combined just in the pivotal 7th.

I mean the Cubs had an earlier wrap on the game but, we’re talking about the beloved Cubs. 

Admittedly, the Cubs capitalized on errors by the Brewers but, don’t think for one moment the Cubs didn’t try to give away a ‘secure’ lead, and a victory with an error of their own.


What do you think?

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