Mariners Sink & Swim

…and the Cubs swim, and sink. 

With a 7-4 lead after 7, coupled with 3 Seattle late inning errors it was time for the Cubs ship to come in.  It did look pretty good but……the Cubs ship lost steam, and when it was all over, Seattle would have an 8-7 victory in 10 with all the details wrapped on the Official Cubs Web Site

What happened?  I am still dwelling on the bright point of the Spring, so far, and that would be March 7th through the 10th.  Maybe, just maybe.  I can dwell there all I want but, only one way out…..back to the here, and now….

No worries, Theo, and supporters want you to know the minor league teams are doing well.  They have the farms in perfect shape, and they’re developing.  Again.  So, be patient.  Again.  Theo, and his front office are committed…………..again.

The Cubs are off today, and resume play vs. the Dodgers on Friday.


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  1. Yesterday’s game had their ups and downs, but overall I think there’s a lot of hope this spring for the boys in blue. I’m a believer.


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