Cubs In First

Figuratively, and actually, the Cubs are in 1st place.  The Cactus League is done, and now we’re waiting for the Monday start of the 2014 campaign in Pittsburgh.

In the mean time, Cactus League standings become irrelevant, and we are technically in to the 2014 MLB season.  This scenario puts the Cubs in a 1st place hold in their division…..along with everybody else.  Pay no attention to everybody else.  We’re Cubs fans!  It feels good to say Cubs, and first place in the same sentence.

We know this team by statistics but, what if?  I mean what if these players keep coming back like they did Saturday against the D-Backs?  What if, what if, what if……It will have nothing to do with anybody except, the players themselves.  Statistically we know it’s another no-go.  All the more reason to think, why not?

If they are competitive, it will be because each player dug deep past statistics, and made it happen.  So, why not?  Let’s give it a go.  The Cubs’ front office is not going to give it a go.  They are working on the farm but, not the Chicago Cubs.

In 2012, that same front office told the fans to buck up on patience as the Cubs would not be contenders until at least 2014.  Once again, the one dimensional front office is focused on the minor league affiliates advising fans to wait for these players to develop.  That works for me…..C+

Like I said the Cubs are in first place, and that feels really good rolling through my lips.

Enjoy the open!



  1. Best of luck to the Cubbies this season. They have a great crop of talented prospects in that system, and it will be fun to watch them and the team progress.


  2. Oh yeah, here we go!!


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