Cub Me With A Bat When Needed

 Look at it again, if you read the title as, ‘Club Me…..’   So, don’t get any ideas.  I wish the Cubs might get the idea:  ‘When needed….’

Two games in Pittsburgh with two ‘almosts’ recorded.  Theo Epstein applauds the effort, I’m sure but, there is no official credit given in the standings for, ‘almosts.’

The Cubs are in……watch my lips as they tremble…..the Cubs are in the  NL Central cellar.  There.  I said it, and it did feel good saying ‘Cubs & first place’ in the same sentence if only momentarily prior to opening day.

Cubs bats did well last night at PNC Park against the Pirates but, run production was poor.  For all the hits, the Cubs produced a meager 3 run count on 15 hits  in 16 innings.  Pittsburgh came up with .500 for RP.  The Cubs at a dismal .200.  50% vs. 20%.  The Cub bats have to swing with RP as a focus.

The Cubs have gone extras two games in a row opening the 2014 campaign with the Pirates, and nothing to show for it.

The wrap from the  Cubs Official Web Site  at



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  1. That was a late game, but Emilio should keep it up and with today’s win, this year should be interesting.


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