Cubs Win!

Yes!  It’s true, 3-2 with good performances from everybody!!

Really, as Harry Caray once commented, ‘You don’t think the Cubs are going to lose 162 games….’  No, I don’t!

As I commented last day of the Cactus contest, What if?  What if the players ignore their historical stats, and just keep coming at their opponents as they did in that Spring contest with the D-backs?

It is possible as the Cubs got 3 runs early in the game, allowing a 2 run 7th to the Pirates!  The difference?  Cubs fans didn’t watch the lead disintegrate to a loss.  Instead, they held on for the win!

Cubs now at 1-2 in the NL Central division, and come home to Wrigley for a set with the Phillies.

Yesterday’s game wrap from the Official Cubs Home Page.


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  1. The one thing I’m impressed about this season with the Cubs is their aggressiveness. Sure, Starlin Castro is still Starlin Castro and they should do away with him, but I like Renteria’s approach. The Cubs have nothing to lose so really they should just get out there and give em’hell.


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