Don’t Worry…..Be Happy

The Cubs had an off day.  No, not a day off; An off day.

Philadelphia spoiled the Cubs 2014 open at Wrigley but, the day’s over, and the Phillies are probably wondering how this happened.  They’ve thought about it, and they’ll have try to sleep tonight knowing they didn’t do a very nice thing in spoiling the Cubs home opener.

The Cubs don’t react well to things like that, and the Phillies will probably be awake tonight thinking of overcoming the losing possibilities for the rest of their stay in Chicago. 

The Phillies outfield attendants should be forewarned that there is lots of ivy at Wrigley, and who knows which areas might contain a strain of ivy known as, Poison Ivy?  The Cubs know home very well but, I would tell the Phillies not to give it a second thought or, maybe…………

Don’t Worry…..Be Happy!

Today’s grueling game wrap with the box score comes to you from the Cubs Official Home on the Web.


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  1. In many ways, todays loss was anything to be worried about. I think they’re light years away from contending but for some reason they didn’t play the way they did against the Bucs.


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