Cubs Carve New History

Rick Renteria, Mgr. of the Cubs is going to have to keep a watchful eye on this bullpen.  Going in to the 9th,  in today’s game Jose Veras had some mean looking breaking pitches but, they have to find the plate.  Please tell me it is not some sort of a re-incarnate of Carlos Malmo.

Renteria is trying to do something for the Cubs, and Starlin Castro by throwing him in to the no. 6 spot in the batting order.  RP is an important stat, and putting Castro 6th helps to manipulate that stat if Castro starts swinging for hits.

All of that said, you can’t count on history because each of these moments arrive only to write a new history.

As Cubs fans, we are used to watching interesting ends to ball games.  Especially with a ‘comfortable’ lead for the Cubs.  The Cubs have allowed their opponents every chance to tie, and win a game.

The Cubs held on for the win today but, not before the Phillies loaded the bases and scored 2 in the 9th. 

The Cubs got good RP, and took advantage of opportunities given.  Story re-written.  This group of Cubs is somehow different.  When they are on, they defy Cubs history.  If this Cubs team becomes consistent with it, there’s no telling. 

Obviously, it’s quite early but, so far Emilio Bonofacio is 14 for 28.  That’s a .500 BA with an OBP of .548.  Pay no attention to that, Theo.  It doesn’t give license for trade.  Think about it.  Lake is the only other Cub approaching a .300 BA. 

It’s a new history.  It’s a changing history.

Today’s game wrap from the Cubs Home on the Web.


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  1. You’re quite right. The Cubs played really well today and had Burnett’s number. Castro did get caught contemplating the meaning of life during one play and missed an easy out and Veras had a lot of trouble, but other than that, the team looked good today. Fingers crossed.


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