What’s Brewing In Milwaukee

The question?  Can you turn a baseball club around in one off season?  It can be done, and the Brewers are so far, in first place in the NL Central.  It is early, I agree but, what a start for the Brewers!

The Cubs have so far shown some good signs here, and there but, not consistently, and collectively as a team.  One of the team’s worst faults is, inconsistency.  We never know, and we haven’t known for quite a few seasons. 

Let’s talk about what is consistent about the Cubs.  Wrigley Field is one.  The ownership stable for the last few years, and the President of Baseball for the Cubs has been consistent.  The ownership is ultimately responsible, and with that the orchestration for success.  Who’s going to make it happen?  Who will be the architect of a grand plan for success?

The ownership has Theo Epstein in that position.  Epstein has been consistent in saying, ‘he’s rebuilding for the future.’  He’s done fairly well at the minor league level but, only as the existing structure in Chicago continues to fall down all around him. 

He cannot bring himself to power the parent club for the now, while piling up future talent at the minor league level. 

The talent lies in being able to do it all, simultaneously.  He doesn’t,  can’t or, won’t.  I have always maintained the true talent lies in doing it all simultaneously.

A couple of seasons ago, Epstein said he was working to a contender no sooner than 2014.  I believe that was back in 2012, revised in 2013 to 2015. 

Admittedly, I have never been patient with Epstein.  Whatever patience I might have had, even a little, is gone. 

Tom Ricketts needs to collect Epstein’s keys, and get a President of Baseball who can create miracles or, at least is willing to create miracles. 

Some of us might be dead before Epstein’s plan finally comes to fruition.

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  1. I can’t believe what’s happening with the Brewers. Didn’t see that one.


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