The Cubs Are Back

Time for cautious optimism to end, and reality to set in.  No more, what ifs. 

Theo’s mess is back.  The Cubs drop two games to the Yankees.  Why?  There are several reasons we can look at, including the Yankees threw top notch with an ERA under 2.00.  Both Yankee starting pitchers have an ERA of less than 2.00.

Another.  No real vets on the team.  No mentors.  No vet consistent power hitters.  Weak bullpen, and the starting rotation sub-consciously taking it a notch down to reflect the rest of the team.

This is all in the name of youth, and the future.  Theo forgot one thing in the equation.  Now counts for the future.  

This scenario is liken to  a classroom without teachers, and without the teachers the future might tend to become chaotic.  No team leaders of peers.  No MLB ‘star’ quality.

I will not come out, and say Dale Sveum was a great Manager.  He was not but, it was Epstein who hired him in the first place, and I might add with the highest of accolades from Epstein. 

On the other hand, what can you do if, the front office runs 50 plus players through the roster in 1 season?  Cubs have a bad year, and Epstein has Sveum take the hit while Epstein continues unscathed with just as much blame if not more for this whole scenario.

You can’t field even the best minor league squad, and expect them to consistently compete in the majors. 

Now it’s Rick Renteria’s mess to inherit.  Is he next in line to take the hit for Epstein or, will Tom Ricketts finally rid Cubs fans of the biggest impedance to a Cubs contender?  That being, Theo Epstein who, has so far been unable to do the whole job. 







  1. Well, I have to disagree a bit with you. It’s still a mess in Chicago, but to be fair to the Cubs, they were just outclassed yesterday. Yeah, I don’t think Dale Sveum was the right guy for the Cubs but I did like him and it’s unfortunate he took the fall. The Cubs resemble a revolving door of players and I’m not an entirely patient guy so I think they should just cut the cord and bring Baez up. I do like Renteria but am cautious how he’ll be in the dog days of summer when the new car smell wears off. Theo preaches patience but what’s he waiting for?


    • I agree with you regarding the Yankees, and that’s an important point. I did characterize that opinion by, mentioning the Yankees starters each with an ERA of less than 2.00

      I must imagine Theo Epstein’s job is not easy but, I will continue to maintain there is no balance at the major league level for the Cubs. Winning clubs have vets, and newbies to balance the roster.

      There are other GMs with developing youth movements but, they also realize the parent club must be fused with the best players possible to compete. All of this done simultaneously.

      Don’t know if it will last but, look at the Brewers. Their GM has obviously done quite a bit in one off season. The almost cellar laden Brewers were only outdone for the coveted last place cellar by, the Cubs last year.

      So, Theo saying it is an entire rebuilding program that can’t be done in one off season is true. That part of it can’t be done properly without a long wait. The problem being, Theo seems to see this single dimension as the entire job, and it’s not.

      Theo asks for patience as he focuses on half of that job. He is asking fans to wait for the youth to develop. Will he finally say under pressure, okay, and bring some of these players to the MLB level too soon? He shouldn’t unless we want to see some horrendous errors as Starlin Castro has made. Not all his fault. Brought up too soon to develop at the MLB level when possibly another season in the minors could have eliminated his sub-MLB errors along the way.

      Theo’s youth movement looks like it will become a success as the Minor affiliates have an abundance of talent, and he needs to square that away at all levels down to Class D for it to become effective as intended for years of a complete Cubs turnaround.

      Hopefully, I have clarified any misconceptions.


      • You are correct. The Cubs should have a better balance of youth and veterans. Now, as we speak, there are mumblings about Baez being called up. Castro’s was a strange case. Uber talented but maybe all that talent got to his head and it’s not until this season that he’s turning a corner. If anything, the Cubs have been a most frustrating team. Every now and then they show brilliance and then slip back into another mode. Well said!.


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