Jackson Relies On Cool

No heat, and Edwin Jackson can put the ball right where it belongs.  Yesterday Jackson went to cool sweeping curves, and sliders.  Jackson looked good in cool with Cubs hitters backing him up all the way. 

Once in awhile Jackson threw hard, and that’s the point.  He was relying on a mixture of pitches, yesterday, and it paid off.  Too many successive fast balls from Jackson, and his command seems to diminish.

Hopefully, Jackson will stay with that mix in the future.  Castillo called a good game, and Jackson responded. 

The Reds & Cubs are 1-1 in this series with the rubber game today at Wrigley Field, already underway.  No score after 2.  The Cubs did finally drop Sunday’s game to the Reds.  The winning streak is stopped at 1.

Saturday’s Cubs victory is summarized on the Cubs MLB Home Page.



  1. One game is a winning streak for the Cubs!


    • I’ll take each winning streak as they come, and they all have to start somewhere. With that, a 1 game winning streak opens a door 🙂 Sounds good, anyway…..


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