Cubs Win & Cubs Lose


An enjoyable game at Wrigley on Tuesday as the Cubs blew the Dbacks away.  The Cubs pushed across 9 runs while Arizona’s crew scored just once.  Huh!  and now Wednesday as Wrigley Field celebrates 100 years on the field.

Arizona had no mercy for the Cubs bullpen as they dropped the ball in the 9th allowing 5 unanswered runs, and an Arizona victory.  The big Wrigley party brought to its’ end.  Over to Thursday, no sign of the club from Tuesday.

The Cubs featured a video on their web page featuring Bud Selig giving high marks to Theo Epstein for the re-building program instituted by, the Cubs to a somewhat disbelieving interviewer.  Within that interview, Selig gave the old idiom, ‘it’s not done over night’ smokescreen.

Will somebody tell that to the Brewers?  They seem to disbelieve that smokescreen as they manage their 1st place hold on the NL Central.

I would digress to a fan comment in one of the posts when the ‘Committed campaign’ was launched .  Simply stated it said, you don’t need to toot your own horn.  When the time comes.  If it does I might add, the fans will blow that horn for you.

Time for a focus on today.  Tomorrow will get here in due time.

You never have to take an idiom of ‘wisdom’ as mentioned by Selig to heart unless of course, you’re complacent, and want to present a defensive smokescreen for the complacency.

And by the way, there are shortcuts in life, you just have to find them!


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