Not much to be said here as there are flashes of Cubs brilliance. 

Where’s that team enabling itself to 17 runs in a blowout, last week?  That’s the kind of game that makes you whimsically think, one more time; What if? 

Then there’s that Cubs squad going to the 9th down by 2 with 2 outs, and we all know instinctively with 2 outs, it’s time to wrap it, and go home. 

Not this time.  The Cubs tie to go extras.  They did finally lose but, it was a flash, again.  The Cubs scored 2 to tie in a typical situation when that was highly unlikely.

That’s the point.  Flashes won’t get you there.  It’s turning the flashes in to consistency.  A consistency of brilliance. 

That’s how Milwaukee is doing it over night in one off season contrary to Bud Selig’s hold on an idiom, ‘it doesn’t happen overnight’ citing the Cubs very slow rebuilding program. 

So called wise idioms like that are camouflage, smokescreens for the lackadaisical not willing to disprove them because they sound so logical.  They exist to be challenged not, settled for.

Cubs fans have a right to be impatient because the Cubs Front Office is not challenging all the odds in any given moment.  The Cubs Front Office is not doing what the Brewers are doing.  Right now!




What do you think?

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