…And Now There’s Four

Without stepping on anyone’s toes, Hector Rondon keeps his own toes on the bag as a potential Marlin base runner is not really a base runner at all after a review, and call reversal. Safe to out.

Cubs had the game all wrapped up in the 9th until the Marlins swam to a tied ball game.  3-3 after 9.

Last year, I would throw my arms up in disgust, and think, ‘here we go.  The whole thing unravels now.’

This year, it just feels better. 

The team that’s not suppose to win, doesn’t just fold.  The Cubs seem to be coming back at their opponents.  They might not win but, this team is focused to the finish.  They are ‘in’ the game until there is no more game. 

The Cubs don’t make it easy, and have been a major irritant to their opponents.    If the Cubs are involved, they stay involved until there are no more outs.  That’s the difference for me from last year to this season.

Yesterday was no exception.  The Cubs wouldn’t let go.  Not until, Anthony Rizzo smacked a pitch to right that sailed out for the game winner in the 13th inning.  Cubs 5-3 over the Marlins. 

……And that would be 4 Ws in a row!

The wrap & box is on the Official Cubs Home Page.





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  1. Um, make that five.


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