I’ll Take It

Overall, I’m pretty happy with Cubs play in their last 6 games.  Who wouldn’t be?  5- 1 in the w-l column.

What if they did this every 6 games?  Anybody would take that.  No.  Everybody would take that.

It’s been a great home stand but, back to reality as the Cubs move on to Pittsburgh for the first of 4 on Monday.

The Cubs had a 5 game winning streak on the line with a possible home stand sweep but, Miami would stop it from being 6 with a Sunday 4-3 victory.

Pedro Strop was the lp  with Strop having a lack of command on a rough outing.

The box & wrap for Sunday’s contest is available on the Cubs Home Page.

I have an analogy on how opponents must be feeling about facing the Cubs this year.  They’re like a house fly that continues to land on you, and you can never quite slap yourself enough to get rid of the fly.  


What do you think?

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