Cubs Win, and I Can Eat…….A Little

No, I’m not prepared to eat many words just yet but, I’m watching.

Cubs take a 7-3 win over the Pirates, and Rizzo shines again!  Check out the box & wrap on the Cubs Home Page.

There is no doubt this Cubs team can do somersaults over last year’s team of 50 some odd players through the year. 

Once again, focus.  They are all, including Starlin Castro, totally involved in the game at hand until it really is over.  This is one major difference for me.

Usually you find me slamming the Cubs Front Office, negligent of offering a major League squad.  They didn’t diligently go out to do much different in 2014.  It is still too much about minor league development with next to nothing spent on the parent club.

However, this group of players is showing even the Front Office that, they might have accidentally gotten better than anticipated.  Even Theo Epstein said not to expect much in 2014.

Well.  I have to stay on a diet as I’ve gone from 240 to 170 lbs., and not going back.  I’m prepared to give up a portion of this diet to eat words, if necessary.

Oh this hurts a little but, just maybe that 7 year contract with Anthony Rizzo will turn out to be one genius deal.  Maybe.  Need to watch the consistency not only this year but, the seasons ahead.  Right now, Theo has the tip of the cap for that potential, Manny Ramirez as a mentor-player in the Minors, and Rick Renteria.

I liked Dale Sveum but really, Renteria has this team playing as a cohesive unit at a higher level where they shouldn’t be playing. 

This year, Epstein is actually helping out by not manipulating a daily open door policy on the roster.

See, I’m not such a bad guy.  I can admit when I might be wr… wro….  Hey, I’m working on it!


What do you think?

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