It’s A Tough Job

……..but somebody’s got to do it!  The fans for only a few teams are doing it, in fact 6 teams are doing it.  The Cubs are 1 of 6.

They are minding the cellars of their respective divisions, and their loyal fans stay with them.

As Cub fans, we have exercised patience but, there just might be a problem.  Patience is pretty close to over. pretty close to having run its’ course.  Front Office turn to get on board, in sync with the fans.

Spend a little money at the top level, and don’t pick the fruit before it’s ripe. 

My gut feeling tells me not too much will be spent on the top, and they might try to grab from the minors before the kids are ready for the MLB level.

There have been some plus, and minus characteristics to this Front Office but, the time has come for results at the top level.  No more waiting, no more calls for patience.  Time to act like a Major League Front Office, and get the work done. 

The Cubs are managing to stock up at the Minor League level, and doing it reasonably well.  Don’t mix the two up.  That wouldn’t be, Major League.

The Cubs are surprising everybody, this year as this team, still in the cellar but, playing better baseball this year at the Major League level.  The team on the field is even exceeding Theo Epstein’s expectations considering Epstein’s comment to not expect anything in 2014.

The Front Office is right on track.  There are some who think the Front Office has to repair the track, and some hoping they will just consistently stay on track.  All perception.

What is confirmed is, the Cubs are 1 of 6 occupying an MLB cellar, and need Front Office support to climb out of the cellar…..much sooner than, later.

Cubs pounded the Pirates 6-3 at Wrigley Field on Friday.  The details of Friday’s game from the Cubs Official Home on the web.


What do you think?

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