Don’t The Cubs Know?

Somebody has forgotten to remind the Cubs to maintain a level of respect, some level of appropriate protocol given to a first place ball club.

The Cubs players are showing they can surprise anybody.  Top level Cubs management, fans, and opposing players.  The consistency factor woven in, and you have a surprising contender but, that factor is missing.

The Nationals have earned their rightful place in their division yet, the Cubs seem to pay no heed to this.

The Cubs have some how already managed a split of the four game series concluding with a double header, today.  The Cubs have a rare Sunday off before beginning a road trip on Monday in Boston.

Epstein was criticized for last year’s 50+ roster so, he’s staying low but, so low there have been no moves on the chess board with the trading deadline looming over him.

Rumors are beginning to kick in, and Theo must be salivating over the many possibilities.

Jeff Samardzija has supposedly rejected a 5 yr./$80m contract from Theo.  In today’s market, that should be fair enough.  Samardzijja is good, very good but falls short of great.

 Theo’s trading abilities also fall short.  He’s a generous man.  All another club has to do is, dangle minor league players in front of Theo, and he’s recklessly all in.  How about Samardzija, and Hammel for a Class A .250 minor league hitter, and  a draft pick?

What about Chicago????  Chicago, you ask?  What about, Chicago?  Honestly, what does Chicago have to do with any of this?

Some of us will not live long enough to see a Cubs contender if, ‘development’ continues at the current pace.  May as well exercise patience….it’s easier that way.

What do you think?

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