Party On Boys & Girls

The Cubs allowed 9 runs to Boston, yesterday.  Most often, you could throw that up as a loss for the Cubs.  Not yesterday, though. 

The Cubs embarrassed the Red Sox in front of a home town crowd at the Green Monster scoring 16 runs before the night was over.  The game is wrapped on the Cubs Home Page.

The Epstein footprint remains in Boston following a Boston world championship from last year.  The Epstein footprint was all over Boston last year as well as this year.

I believe, eventually the Epstein footprint will enable a Cubs visit to the October Classic. 

So what’s the consistency?  As demonstrated in the Cubs sweep of the Red Sox, the consistency is…..there isn’t any consistency. 

There’s the problem.  A repeat performance of inconsistency.  Is that what we get when Epstein is done in Chicago?  All the patience, all the time, the 50+ roster of 2013. 

All adding up to, rather than a consistent winning dynasty, an inconsistent year after year question mark.  Is a consistent inconsistency the net result?

Epstein left the Red Sox organization, and produced an inconsistency as such.

On the other hand, we can hope Theo learned a lesson in Boston, and just maybe he gets it. 

Maybe Chicago ultimately benefits from the experimentation in Boston.  Maybe Epstein is learning that inconsistency is following him around, and he has discovered a road to consistency. 



What do you think?

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