Theo Doesn’t Disappoint

Don’t be disappointed because Theo Epstein has traded away the starters.

Jeff Samardzija has left the building to Oakland with Jason Hammel.

Samardzija turned down a five year contract of 16+m/yr.  Hammel was coming along like a fire cracker.  I am not so opposed to trades but, Theo Epstein trades from the major league club to obtain a minor league stockpile always leaving the fans at Wrigley in the patience mode.

It is not so much that Theo trades these players out.  It is much more the return. The major league club’s foundation continues to falter while Theo re-directs your attention to the minor league stockpile.  Have patience.

Epstein puts no value in today.  It’s all for tomorrow but, with that attitude there is no tomorrow, no future.  Today is the avenue to the future.  This will be a long rebuild for a tomorrow that never gets here or, gone before you know it.  I.E.  Boston.

Theo is tied up in long term contracts with Rizzo, and Castro so, he either re-positions players or, stockpiles for trading.  Either way the foundation is crumbling at the major league level right now.

Theo works from tomorrow…….every day.




  1. He’s cooking something up though. I’m giving him one more year.



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