Pay-Off Time

It is time for the first of many pay-offs to the Cubs fans.

Blake Parker, and Chris Rusin who, have both been up with the parent club need to be major league all the way.  Not only for their own sake considering length of development but, for Theo Epstein.

Epstein has made a choice to gut the starting rotation of two top major league performers.  He’s made a choice to go within the organization to start filling some of those roles. 

Who else in Iowa is ready to compete in the major league?  Who’s been at the AAA level long enough to become seasoned enough to fill the spots left by the departure of Samardzija & Hammel?  Or, will the Cubs pick the trees before the fruit’s ripe?

Let’s see now.  Who’s left in the starting rotation on the Cubs with an under 3.00 era?  I’m speaking of the qualifiers meeting the minimum activity quotient.  Okay.  That leaves, let’s see……only Arietta!  Surprise!  Way to go Theo!  Two under 3.00 era pitchers, and who did the Cubs get?

Villanueva has been rocky but, his position has been solidified for the moment anyway whether it be the bullpen or, as a starter.   

Epstein’s 4yr./$54m prize Jackson is at a sparkling 4.99 but, the best on squad is Travis Wood with a 4.62 era other than Arieta.  Those are facts, and which way is Epstein trying to move this team? 

It adds up here because, there is only one qualifier with an under 3.00 era, and no hitter at .300 ba.   The top 4 ba qualifiers are averaging less than .350 obp. 

And you wonder why I’m so critical of Epstein who seems to love being the pilot of cellar dwellers.

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  1. I think I have committed an error by, not being more attentive to Jake Arietta’s ERA. So there is one with a sparkling ERA. One, unfortunately does not make a ball club.

    Can Epstein resist trading him? I somewhat doubt it. Heck he might get two for one. Two AA 5.00+ ERA pitchers for one. Typical.


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