Theo Epstein is committed as once displayed on the top banner of the Cubs home page echoing the sentiment of’ owner Tom Ricketts.  They seem to be committed religiously to, one another.

Ricketts couldn’t possibly be committed to the fans backing Theo all the way. He remains committed to his choice for President – Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein.

Put yourself in Rickett’s place.  Well off MLB owner.  Hires Epstein.  His team, his call. 

More often in that position, it must be hard to control an ego.  Ask Ricketts.  He did not, by any stretch of the imagination hire the wrong guy.  If he somehow knows he might have, we will not know.  His ego will not be able to accept that possibility.  So, get used to it.  The commitment is there.  Just not where it once implied, to the fans.

Theo has driven the vehicle of Cellar Dwellers, and it seems to be his comfort zone.  Let’s get used to that.  Patience.

The way this club is being driven, I see another extremely comfortable cellar spot in the NL-Central being named ‘Cubs Cellar’ for several seasons out. 

There is no MLB team being put together.  Patience.  The MLB clubhouse will be a place to gather trade bait for the next several seasons.   Patience.

Trading?  That’s what Theo likes to do, and cannot get true worth out of a trade no matter how much he doesn’t even try to do it.

Bonafacio for what Little Leaguer?  How many maybes from the MLB level?  Patience.

Who will be the scapegoat?  Epstein will put the knife to Jed Hoyer who, as General Manager probably has to clear every thing through Epstein. 

I’m not suggesting Hoyer can’t do it, alone, I’m suggesting he can’t do it with Epstein, either.  All I know is if, one has their keys confiscated so, should the other.

I’m not the only one who has said many times over,  it minimally takes more than one focus to succeed at this game. 

Read the Sporting News Summary as Hoyer is rated 20th out of 30 gms.  Note the verbiage used to describe Hoyer’s lack of ability.

Nothing you haven’t heard before.  Right here. 

Did I mention, patience?

Committed……….no longer, at least in that context.  It is absent from, or at least hiding on the Cubs home page….




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