Baez Bats The Bigs

Making his first stand in the majors, Javier Baez took it to the extremes.  Did Theo pick the fruit a little early?

Only time will tell if, Baez would have been more of a benefit with more development at Iowa.  Forgetting that, he is here in the Bigs.  No need to explore could have been, should’ve been.  That now rests as irrelevant, and only what is, and what will be falls relevant.

Last night’s debut found Baez with 3 SO in 5 AB.  0 for 5 to the 12th.  The story doesn’t end there.

Baez took the bat to work at the plate one more time in the 12th.  He got the game prize, and bagged  his first mlb round tripper giving the Cubs the extra frames win, last night in Colorado.

Let’s keep everything in perspective.  Baez did go 1 for 6.  It was a less than spectacular beginning batting stat wise for Baez.

Last night’s game is wrapped on the Cubs Official Home Page.





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