Prescription Coverage For Cubs

The Cubs have had consistency, and stability thanks to the continued inabilities of the Front Office living for tomorrow every day.  It’s always, tomorrow.

The Cubs will be a contender……tomorrow!

The Cubs Front Office Team has embraced continued occupancy in the cellar, and some time in the basement next to the once cellar ridden Astros.

A writer for The Sporting News referred to in my last post, mentioned a rebuilding process of any MLB team is no excuse not to field a winner in the bigs.  That is why, as they were rating GMs, Jed Hoyer was charitably rated 20 of 30.  So, I’m not the only one echoing this sentiment.

It is not just Hoyer.  Epstein is running the show.

Since this rebuilding program has begun, Tom Ricketts has stood by watching as the program continues with the same characteristics under the direction of Theo Epstein.

Prospects, prospects, and more prospects for all classes of minor league operations.  Pick the fruit before it’s ready, and run 50 or so players through the Chicago clubhouse for any given season. 

Pick the fruit early before it’s ready and train them for MLB play  while they’re in the Majors instead of a hefty workout to reach major league playing level before they get to Chicago.  Finally don’t shell out money for major league high caliber players.

Any MLB veterans obtained for the Major League club have been almost without exception, players with average to below average stats.

That pretty much well describes the moves made on behalf of Cubs fans, and it hasn’t worked.  As mentioned previously through several sources, ‘you cannot give rebuilding as an excuse for not fielding a major league club.’

Tom Ricketts doesn’t get it, and obviously has forged an agreement with  Epstein & Hoyer to continue a vicious attack on Cubs fans.

Chicago’s Cubs hierarchy is continuing business as usual, and getting results……as usual coupled with some of the most expensive baseball tickets available. 

Then there’s the ‘oh poor me’ syndrome.

I don’t want to hear just how small this franchise is compared to any other major league team.  News flash!  Chicago is a large U.S. Market so if  Ricketts sees it as small, he needs to look beyond how small he feels, and look beyond Tom Ricketts.  Chicago is actually a big place.

Cubs fans deserve much better than they’re getting.   I call your attention to the declining crowd statistics since the Epstein-Hoyer regime has taken the reigns.

Prescription:  Discontinue above immediately.


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