Season Ends On High Note

The Cubs have done something this year that they haven’t done in prior recent memory.  They played with heart through most games until each game was over.  More heart to play baseball until there was no more baseball left to play.  They didn’t fold until the umpiring crew called the final out.

There was no mistaking that today as the Cubs firmly planted in their traditional cellar suite stayed to play ball.  Cubs beat the vastly improved Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park, 5-2.

Read the wrap on the game on the Cubs Official MLB Home Page.

On the other hand playing with heart doesn’t get you out of the cellar suite especially when it has your name engraved upon the entry. 

Many times, one or two very strategic moves by the Front Office delivers a couple of players to accompany the heart, and the team becomes a contender.

The current Front Office is not so inclined to do so.  By their description, they are in it for the long haul with adds to the minor league system. 

Many critics, including me have said it is no excuse for not fielding a major league team.

I have said many times not to ignore the MLB enterprise while loading up with prospects.  I have further said not to bring the prospects along too fast. 

One reason Baez tanked toward the end of the season was not because he’s not a future MLB star.  The Front Office brought him too far, too quick.  He didn’t get the finishing touches ironed out at AAA Iowa.  Could have waited until the opening of 2015 for a promotion to the Cubs.

I honestly believe Epstein is moving some of these players in to the major leagues in hopes luck is with him, and one of these players will click to quell criticism.


What do you think?

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