What’s Good About Theo

Let’s look back.  Former Front Office prior to the Theo Epstein Front Office.

No consistency, and when there was a contending squad it seemed it came together by accident.

Theo Epstein has come around with some drastic changes for the better at the Minor League level.  There are some real MLB prospects playing in the Cubs system.  He’s worked the Minors diligently. 

I don’t remember in recent history, The Cubs having so much talent until Epstein changed that entire strategy.

The former Front Office took what they could get with the once favorable Cubs reputation as America’s  ‘Lovable Losers’ persona.

They got away with it for awhile but, the strategy would not hold up as fans have really had enough of ‘The Lovable Losers.’ 

Some of us may be dead before the Cubs go for a berth, let alone a win in the final 7 in October. 

Cubs fans are no longer willing to accept that persona. 

So, is Theo a vast improvement over the occupants of the former Front Office?  The answer is a resounding yes!

Time to give Epstein a clean slate in to the off season.  I have not been too nice but, as truthful as I knew the truth to be as a Cubs fan.

Theo Epstein announced he intends to contend in 2015.  Hopefully his shopping list has changed to accommodate his intent.

I’m anticipating Epstein & Hoyer realize they can’t stay the course with a focus only at the Minor League level which they’ve done well, and contend at the MLB level in 2015.

I have not been in Epstein’s shoes, and understand all that I am able to understand from the fan’s coaching box.  From that point of view, I hope the following changes might be implemented.

1.  A core set of players at the MLB level.

2.  No premature call ups until a player in the Minors is ready to play every day at the MLB level.  No more adrenalin ‘chance’ plays.

3.   Trades for quality MLB production right now.

I really do want Theo to succeed.


What do you think?

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