It’s Not Easy Being A Cubs Fan

You might have noticed in my previous post, I was going to wipe the slate clean on Theo Epstein.  Maybe there would be some hope with his declaration of contending this coming season.  Maybe he’s going to really work on the MLB club.

Theo has put a lowest of low class moves on his resume.

It’s never been easy being a Cubs fan, and I wanted to be nice to the Front Office in hopes that maybe they might be getting serious.  Theo Epstein makes it that much harder to be a Cubs fan.

The so not classy Cubs Front Office hasn’t delivered under the leadership of Theo Epstein.

Once again, Theo has made a masterful change to the Cubs.  He has fired the Manager…….again.  Remember Dale Sveum? 

The Cubs didn’t win after one season under the tutelage of Rick Renteria  who demonstrated that under the worst of circumstances he could motivate this club in the right direction.   However, Theo has failed at his job so, a scapegoat was once again necessary.

In Theo’s short sighted estimation it was a choice of being loyal to the organization or Rick Renteria.  Being loyal to Renteria might have been synonymous with being loyal to the Cubs organization. 

Who is he kidding?  There was no choice in reality.  It was a manufactured sound good statement so he can feel better about his shortcomings.  

This move says a lot about the loyalty ethic that is on hiatus, and other wise missing from the Cubs hierarchy including Tom Ricketts who is more than an observer.

A note to the new Manager, Joe Maddon: ‘You need to be looking for work for the 2016’ season, if not for a 5 year deal.  It will be Maddon’s fault that Theo Epstein is incapable of following through with a quality MLB roster of players.

I tried to wipe the slate on Theo, and his poor judgement leading the Cubs nowhere.  Can’t do it with this lowest of low class moves.  Theo is as he is, right or, wrong.

Results show he’s wrong.



What do you think?

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