Tamper Tantrum

Some allegations are being brought forward that the Cubs may not have hit a fair ball by, acquiring new Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon.

According to Maddon’s agent, there was an escape clause in his contract.  Simply put, according to his agent, Maddon chose to exercise his departure from the Tampa Bay Rays via that escape hatch.  It was a fair ball.

Well, that’s how it’s seen from one side of the line but, was it a fair ball?

MLB wants to have a closer look, and they’re reviewing Theo’s play on picking up Maddon as the Field Manager for the Cubs.

No telling of the outcome at this point but, this will be interesting as it’s unveiled, and a final judgement is rendered.

And maybe, it’s just nothing.  Maybe somebody wants in to the news headlines, and nothing more.


What do you think?

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