Theo Backs Up 2015 Contender Plan

Somebody please help me to understand because, I really don’t understand.

I am so tired of having to use this blog as a venting platform because I am so frustrated with the Epstein/Hoyer regime. 

Some have come to me with a look at the previous Front Office but, just because those running the show before Epstein were not very good at it does not make a case for the current Cubs Front Office.  A comparison of bad to bad in varying degrees is no cause for discussion.

Then there is the patience argument with time to focus on the minor league operations.  As the writer from the Sporting News had mentioned, you don’t get a leave of absence at the major league level to build at the minor league level.

If anything, contend at the top while you build from the ground up.

Okay, I really did want to wipe the slate clean.  I wanted to believe that Theo Epstein really meant he was ready to contend in 2015.

As a Cubs fan, I am furious.  I see the typical ’50’ players through the season.  I see the Cubs on the road to contention for the cellar, again.  I see a young team without mentors, and veterans.

Theo & Jed wow Cubs fans with solid pick-ups for their Cubs contender plan for 2015.

Must have been a difficult negotiation.  A solid 3.50+ ERA pitcher joins the Cubs but, on the plus side he’s 25 years old.  This is the shot in the arm the Cubs have been needing to contend.  Donn Roach joins the Cubs.

The delirious duo of Epstein/Hoyer have also once again shown a keen eye for the average at best with the intent to compete by, signing Utility Fielder Tommy LaStella from the Braves. 

LaStella fits in to the overall plan with a 2014 MLB ba of .251 in 93 games,  .328 obpHis MILB AAA ba was .295 representing his 2014 start before moving up to Atlanta.

If the pattern continues, by the time the off season acquisitions have all been made Hoyer may move down in the Sporting News ratings of MLB Baseball GMs.  Their last reporting had him at 20 of 30 but, keep in mind he is under a handicap.  His boss.

Credit, and kudos to Epstein/Hoyer as the minors have not been so well stocked in many years but, most if not all of those players need proper time to develop.  We shouldn’t see many if any at all at the MLB level in 2015.

The off season performance of Epstein/Hoyer has an anemic start, and just maybe there are surprises ahead.  We can only hope.

The Cubs need a core ‘Starting 8.’


What do you think?

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