Dempster Officially Retires; Cubs Make Successful Pitch

Cubs make a good Front Office move as Ryan Dempster officially retires from Cubs playing activities.

Let’s see what happens from here as Dempster is taken on as a Special Advisor to the kingpins of the Cubs management.

I’m thinking Dempster’s everyday playing days would lend some insight to Epstein & Hoyer in several ways if, his role as an advisory input is accepted.

Maybe Dempster can be the catalyst needed to enlighten management on a deeper level as to when a MILB player is ready to be brought up to the MLB club on a permanent basis. 

I have asserted that perhaps some players might have been brought up to the MLB before they have been ready but, rather on an adrenaline surge. 

The everyday, consistent fundamentals haven’t added up resulting in errors on the field, and sometimes a lack of maintaining longevity at the same high level in the MLB lineup as the adrenaline surge might have suggested.

Dempster can play several roles by assisting with input for the dugout including pitching peer acquisitions, and as a mentor for the younger players.


What do you think?

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