Cubs Score For The Win

Good morning, America!  There’s good news for the fans of Wrigleydom as the Epstein/Hoyer Front Office has put one in the win column for the Cubs. 

Jon Lester has agreed to pitch for the Cubs.

Lester’s talents are wrapped up just in time for a very merry Christmas for six years at $155m by, the Cubs.

Lester had a 16-11 record in 2014, and a 2.46 ERA. 

I’m theorizing that a stronger offense may be on board to back up Lester, with other possible acquisitions. Hopefully this signing provides a momentum.

Lester is more than welcome by, fans, and management!

We’ve got to come down from the clouds now, and understand Lester is ….a key, and opens the door for more Cubs possibilities to compete in 2015.  At the same time, he will not be pitching every day.  Lester is one pitcher of several very much needed by, the Cubs.

The Cubs will need more effort from the Front Office this off season if, they indeed do expect to compete.  Not to diminish this acquisition because it tells me that Epstein & Hoyer may be quite serious about competing in 2015.

The Cubs may be on the way to competing for 2015 with accolades to Theo Epstein, and Jed Hoyer on winning their first big off season game.

Okay, fair enough.  Maybe the Cubs leaders are 2-2 this off season if, you consider Joe Maddon on board as the Cubs Manager.


What do you think?

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