Just Under 3.00 to Over 4.00

On the surface, it appears like a little bit of the old Epstein/Hoyer might be showing as the Cubs have Jason Hammel returning to the Cubs.

Hammel was looking pretty good with an ERA of just under 3.00 with the Cubs, now closer to 4.25.  What happened????  I don’t know, maybe the move from the N.L. to the A.L.?  Just coming in with  speculation because, I really don’t know.

Judging Epstein & Hoyer for this move without knowing  more details is ridiculous.

Is there something they know about Hammel?  I mean maybe, they see something that Hammel was doing with the Cubs that he hadn’t done in the AL. 

Instead, how about the benefit of the doubt?  What if, they do know?  What if it’s just the difference between the A.L. & N.L.?  Maybe they already have the answer to bringing Hammel’s ERA back down to a 3.00 or under.

Maybe it is as simple as Jon Lester sitting on the same bench?

Maybe even Edwin Jackson returns with a banner season meeting, and surprising his team mates on a higher level?  He could possibly replace the ‘heat’ with command.  Take something off some of those pitches, some of the time.  Mix it up.

Let’s not forget Jake Arrietta, Travis Wood, Tsuyoshi Wada, and Kyle Kendricks on the Cubs roster for the 2015 season.

While I still feel Epstein/Hoyer could’ve done better, sooner it is not fair to make a judgment on my view of the past.  The point being, they’re doing better…..now.

Taking the next step from maybe, and starting a focus on believing……


What do you think?

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