Cubs Guessing Game

I’m guessing the Cubs are so far pinning their hopes on Jon Lester.  Not fair.  It’s not fair to Cubs fans, and not fair to Jon Lester.  It does take nine on the field to win a game.

I’ve got nothing to go on but, last year’s stats when it comes to the players Epstein & Hoyer have grabbed so far during this Winter acquisition period.

No doubt, Lester is a prize.  I have given Epstein &  Hoyer many props for putting Lester in to a Cubs uniform.

The architects of the Jon Lester procurement have now seemed to do a  turn around, and obtain the services of David Ross behind the plate. 

Ross has previously caught Lester, and apparently there’s your headline.  As if nobody else can catch Lester.

Looking back in 2014 Ross had 50 games under his belt, 152 ABs producing a BA of .184, and a .260 OBP for Boston.  F% .983, 7E & 3 PBs.

Can Ross add a hundred points to his BA?  That’s what the Cubs should minimally need him to do.

The Cubs have also come to terms with Jason Motte who will join the bullpen.

Looking back on Motte’s 2014 statistics, there is no major prize here but, looking further back Motte had better numbers which were quite competitive. 

Motte has had Tommy John surgery, and stats have gone south.

If Motte can revert to those earlier statistics, it could be a good move in disguise.

I’m going to guess giving Epstein & Hoyer the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps they’ve gotten a preview of a Motte going back in time. 


What do you think?

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