Close Mouth, Bite Tongue

This is what I am obligated to do during the off season as a Cubs fan.  Close mouth, bite tongue.

I still have fingers, a keyboard, computer, etc.  So yes, I can fulfill my literal obligation. 

For one fleeting moment this off season, I didn’t have to force the issue.  All I could muster was a passionate ‘Yes!’ as the Cubs Front Office presented Jon Lester as a Cub for 2015.

I thought finally, an Epstein/Hoyer turnaround!!

Well boys, and girls……all short lived.  Old habits not broken that easily. 

Back to the swamp fishing, hooking the over 3.0 ERA throwers, and bringing in the give or, take .250 BA giants.

The latest acquisition is, Chris Denorfia. 

Denorfia is an outfielder obtained by the Mariners from San Diego, and expected to platoon against lefties with the Cubs. 

He had a .293 BA in 2012.  That stat’s not a problem.  The problem is, he batted .279 in 2013, and then continuing on a spiral that hasn’t been upward managed a .230 BA last season.  He has lost more than 60 points on his BA in 3 seasons. 

If history plays out has the Epstein/Hoyer brigade gotten a .210 hitter to add the ‘extra punch’ against the left side?

Notice, I am biting my tongue as I write.  Ow!


What do you think?

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