Doubront Reaches Agreement With Cubs

Theo Epstein, and Jed Hoyer seem to be exemplifying the persona of big bucks for average to below average stats in baseball.

I was thinking, oh no!  What will Cubs fans do if, the fab duo doesn’t come to terms with Felix Doubront?

Doubront throws from the left, racking up a 2-1 record in 4 games with the Cubs.  His ERA was just shy of 4.00. 

Doubront came over from the Red Sox with a few more games than 4 but,I guess his almost 7.00 ERA with Boston was a bit much for the Boston Front Office.

Hmmmmm…what Front Office would offer anything or, anyone for him?  They wondered how they could move him. 

With probably little contemplation on their part, they knew there was the one, and only Front Office in MLB that would salivate over those numbers, and guess what?

Doubront is back for another go as he reaches an agreement with Epstein & Hoyer.

I truly hope I am somehow eating my sarcasm for lunch in 2015.  I hope I am so wrong but, stats tell me not to be too enthusiastic in 2015.

Lester, and Rizzo are just two players.  You don’t win anything in baseball with 2 players.  I’m of course embellishing but, it really does take 9 every day!


What do you think?

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