Valbuena, and Strailey to Houston for Fowler?

Excuse……I feel a very long yawn on the approach.  Hmmm….I can’t stop yawning.

Excuse me.

Fowler has an average at best BA with a .349 OBP from 2014.

I won’t bore you with the details of this side-ways swap that seems to mean pretty much nothing for the Cubs.

If I end up chewing some words for 2015 it won’t be because strategic expertise flowed from the Front Office creating a NL MLB squad in Chicago.

Hopefully I’ll be eating many of my words in 2015. 

It will be because I expect mishaps in the Cubs favor that should not occur but, will occur.  Won’t that be nice? 

So!  Will Maddon, Rizzo and Lester change the game of baseball?  Can the three of them swing a championship to Wrigley?  Maybe they do because, they inspire everybody else to move their game up.

…..and just maybe that’s what the Front Office was planning all along. 

That being the case, eating words will weigh on me.  It took me a year to lose 70lb., and a shame to gain it all back.



What do you think?

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